The Phenomenon - a new and compelling UFO documentary worth watching


It’s very easy to read the term UFO and start making lazy jokes about Mulder and Scully and little green men. In fact it’s been a subject I long backed away from myself for fear of ridicule as it often gained eye rolls or chuckles from those I mentioned it to at best ( although most people seem comfortable there is likely more intelligent life than just humans in the Universe ).


This new documentary by filmmaker James Fox sets a tone of a much more serious investigation of the phenomenon interviewing key witnesses and experts or using historical clips from across the documented history of this subject. Ancient Aliens this is not...


Firstly the quality of this documentary is one of the best I have seen in UFO documentaries. It’s highly produced, well paced and entertaining. The interviews are well conducted and not overly long and dry. If this is a new subject to the viewer it is very data rich and a lot to take in at first, however I think this is because the film wishes to show how common these encounters are seen all around the globe and how long it’s been happening for.


The story of documented UFOs stretches all the way back to at least June 1947. UFOs seen and reported by Kenneth Arnold caused widespread global media interest. In fact what is interesting is how long they were a subject of much media interest until well into the 1960’s when the Condon report published its findings. It would seem since then interest has remained amongst enthusiasts, witnesses and researchers mostly but the media largely treat the subject as a light hearted segment for a bit of joking around.

 As the film shows that all changed in December 2017 in when the New York Times publishes a lengthy article about a previously secret on going government run program investigating UFOs called AATIP. Shortly after that 3 short videos which have been confirmed as UFOs by no less than the Pentagon were released for public viewing. They are seen and discussed in the film but they are available to view for free online and I highly recommend you watch them. They show thermal images of UFOs captured by Navy pilots sent to investigate them after they appeared during military training.


A key point of this documentary is that UFOs or UAPs as they are now known ( Unexplained Aerial Phenomena ) are real BUT this does not translate to the conclusion that aliens are inside them or controlling them. What is very real is that they are here, in our skies and able to fly wherever they like with impunity. Over the state capital in 1952, in Phoenix Arizona in 1994 and witnessed by thousands of people and most alarmingly over nuclear missile bunkers causing them to become inactivated or even more alarmingly, activated. I think it is the military incursions and interference that has kept them under investigation all these years as overwhelming encounters and observations have been peaceful even when attacked by the military.


I appreciated the credibility of the people interviewed for this documentary. Astronauts, fighter pilots, Headmasters, Senators, Colonels, Police officers and so on. People who are often trained observers and very aware of current technologies and capabilities, people in high ranking jobs that have a lot to lose by speaking up.


Yet for me some of the most touching and incredible moments are the recounting of two mass sighting at schools in Australia and Zimbabwe. What is especially touching is seeing some of those children meeting up together again as adults and recalling their experiences and enjoying being around those that accept and share their experience. I came away thinking whatever they experienced it was definitely a real experience for them.


It’s worth a mention that if you buy the documentary on iTunes you get a lot of extras that aren’t included if you rent it. I hope the documentary will be picked by Netflix or Amazon so a much wider audience can enjoy as that is who this was made for. Let’s hope this happens and one day we will come to know the truth about these strange phenomena in our skies.